About Us

cropped-usforyoulogo.jpgUsForYou Australia provides full social media establishment and management services for busy tradies.  Whether you’re a sparkie, a chippie, a plumber, a landscaper or some other trade, UsForYou Australia has got you covered.

If you’re not on Facebook, you’re really missing out on loads of potential client referrals, reviews, feedback, advertising promotions, networking with clients and other local business and more. Too many tradies are being left behind.  A website is a great start and vital for a modern business, but it’s not enough…

We get it…you’re busy with clients, billing, securing new business.  You KNOW you should be doing more online, but frankly, you’re probably MUCH better able to install a new electrical circuit or fix a gas leak than building a Facebook page or posting some tweets.

Let UsForYou Australia take care of that side of your business with a number of low-cost, startup and monthly social media management plans.

About Michelle

img_0519UsForYou Australia was established in 2014 by Michelle Cummings.

Michelle is prolific across Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook and is a self-confessed ‘mad tweeter’.

She’s worked as a Sales Rep for Pacific Brands, as well as in brand management with tradie directory services and other organisations that help manage social media and other online marketing services for tradesmen and small businesses, going far beyond that of just a simple website…

Michelle found that her extensive online experience quickly led to coaching friends and business acquaintances, leading them to discover the merits of social media in their businesses and helping them them become more digital savvy. This quickly turned into a business idea which had legs.

Michelle’s enthusiasm and strong commitment to strengthening local community and local businesses drives her to support smaller tradies to do bigger and better things with their marketing, by leveraging social media and becoming better known in their respective industries and communities.

In a recent interview with Inner West Mums, Michelle explained:

“I consider myself a “community mum” in that I help out my friends or new people I meet who may need a hand personally”

This personal generosity of spirit follows through in Michelle’s business life too, pushing to facilitate networking and referral opportunities for services, trades and small businesses in her own local community.

She hails from Newcastle originally, but has been Sydney-based (Inner West, represent!) for the last eight years, but readily works with tradie clients from all over Australia.

When Michelle’s not in front of a keyboard, you can often find her wandering through Sydenham Green Park.  Either that or dreaming of laying in a hammock on a beach somewhere, sipping a good red and watching the world go by.