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That is why we call ourselves UsForYou

We have our eyes on the Prize for being the number #1 in increasing your business through Social Engagement. As the [managing director] of Usforyou, I’m confident in my strengths and I’ve developed my business platform around providing Social Media Optimisation and...


"Show off your work" Create “Before & After” pictures that clearly show what you can do. Get your customers permission before posting. Tip: Make graphics clear. You only get 3 seconds to impress. So you don’t want your audience seeing a before photo and thinking that...

Social media advice for Tradies – Part 4

So, this advice could be a little late if you have followed our previous blogs on joining FB groups, however it’s never too late to improve on what you are doing, so here goes: Beware of your Stalkability! Facebook may not be a real world, however what we are saying...

Social media advice for Tradies – Part 2

In our first blog we spoke about joining local Facebook groups as a way of advertising your trade business and getting ahead of the rest of the pack, because let’s face it, there is a lot of alternatives to your services out there. The good news though, is that not...

Social media advice for Tradies – Part 1

  Tradies are an essential part of our society. To some of us they are magicians that can turn up at our house and fix the stuff that we have no idea about, making our lives a little better. But with the onset of the internet, it has become really hard to find the...

Why do Tradies NEED Social Media?

The services of tradies - plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, etc - have always relied heavily on two primary marketing channels to drive customers (new and repeat) to their businesses: Yellow Pages (or other popular, local, offline, directory...

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