That is why we call ourselves UsForYou

That is why we call ourselves UsForYou

We have our eyes on the Prize for being the number #1 in increasing your business through Social Engagement. As the [managing director] of Usforyou, I’m confident in my strengths and I’ve developed my business platform around providing Social Media Optimisation and Management for Tradies.
We optimise social engagement using know-how and real conversations, we use know-how not overpriced software to deliver results. This focus on real results, engagement and affordability means we are there for local business providing tradies with the results they want at affordable prices.
UsForYou gets builds your brand recognition on the leading social networks.
We are there for the little guys our local businesses providing the service and brand recognition they need to grow.
I have dedicated my time towards developing an understanding of how small business operates and the key drivers of success in social networks and social marketing. I know how to connect with a target audience to increase sales for those who offer straightforward services to people in need.
While Usforyou is pretty far away from a fully blown production company, we know our way around content. Through our simple, straightforward service we can provide ongoing support for small businesses to keep generating those likes, shares and (most importantly) sales.
If your focus is on creating community awareness rather than the top corporate high-tech solutions, Usforyou can provide you with results.
The talent we work with:
Web Development:
Video Production:
Usforyou connects your business with the best local talent to achieve fantastic results. Delivering ongoing, reliable solutions and manage these connections for a very small percentage of the job’s total cost.
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Michelle makes an appearance on Boomshare Radio Podcast

Michelle makes an appearance on Boomshare Radio Podcast

boomshare_logoIn case you missed it, be sure to have a listen to the latest episode of BoomShare Radio’s podcast where yours truly (Me! Michelle!) makes an appearance. In this episode, I join Zdenka and Keith Keller as we talk about Twitter demographics, hashtags, Google, business story telling and much more. Pop it on in the background – it’s only 25 minutes, and if you like what you hear, be sure to give it a share.


Why do Tradies NEED Social Media?

Why do Tradies NEED Social Media?

The services of tradies – plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, etc – have always relied heavily on two primary marketing channels to drive customers (new and repeat) to their businesses:

  • Yellow Pages (or other popular, local, offline, directory advertising)
  • Word of mouth referrals, or social proof

In the absence of storefronts, tradies depend on these forms of marketing, as well as on-vehicle advertising and of course, their websites, but the chances of people encountering these other channels (when they are in need of your services) is slim.

The Yellow Pages (or other similar trade directories) is still heavily relied upon by the older, more traditional demographic that hasn’t yet fully transitioned to the digital world, but for most of us, we use the Yellow Pages as a way of reaching things in the top cupboard or for getting our computers monitors set to the correct height…

Word of mouth, (or social proof) will always be critical, and it is by far and away the most persuasive and powerful of all marketing channels. It’s also free, although it does require you to a do a good/remarkable job for it to work most effectively.

If a customer has been impressed by your service, professionalism and pricing, they WILL remember you for next time, AND tell their friends.

Good service can go viral.

This kind of activity happens offline every day. People meet, they exchange the news of the day over coffee or around water cooler in the office and problems and resolutions get discussed, and recommendations and referrals are made. It’s also happening every minute of every day online, across Facebook and other social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram.  It’s also where people go to post requests from friends SEEKING referrals and recommendations.

Services by tradies are sometimes NOT remarkable, or they ARE remarkable but for completely the wrongs reasons. Delays, poor service, quotes not accurately representing final job costs are all very common reasons for you to NOT get repeat business. You’re on your own with these…do the right thing.

Good news travels fast online, but bad news travels much faster still.

Maintain a professional, high quality service that you’re proud of and DELIGHT your customers in the value you provide. Fail to do this and your reputation online can be damaged in a flash.

It’s therefore time (if you’re not doing it already) to be on the social media platforms so you can benefit from this powerful social proof, monitor (and manage) your reputation online and as a way of delivering value to customers BEFORE they become customers, through sharing of interesting and relevant tips and by answering common questions. And if you ARE doing it already, maybe it’s time to take it to the next level by outsourcing the work to the experts.

This is a space you can’t afford NOT to be playing in. Often for a fraction of your Yellow Pages budget you can have your social media managed for you by US, and for YOU.

UsForYou specialises in social media setup and management for tradies. We can get you and your trade business in front of your customers, engage with them and promote you in the place that occupies most of our attention these days – Facebook. Social proof = social media.

Contact Michelle today to discuss your needs and to learn how she can help propel you and your business into the world of social media. Don’t get left behind!