We have our eyes on the Prize for being the number #1 in increasing your business through Social Engagement. As the [managing director] of Usforyou, I’m confident in my strengths and I’ve developed my business platform around providing Social Media Optimisation and Management for Tradies.
We optimise social engagement using know-how and real conversations, we use know-how not overpriced software to deliver results. This focus on real results, engagement and affordability means we are there for local business providing tradies with the results they want at affordable prices.
UsForYou gets builds your brand recognition on the leading social networks.
We are there for the little guys our local businesses providing the service and brand recognition they need to grow.
I have dedicated my time towards developing an understanding of how small business operates and the key drivers of success in social networks and social marketing. I know how to connect with a target audience to increase sales for those who offer straightforward services to people in need.
While Usforyou is pretty far away from a fully blown production company, we know our way around content. Through our simple, straightforward service we can provide ongoing support for small businesses to keep generating those likes, shares and (most importantly) sales.
If your focus is on creating community awareness rather than the top corporate high-tech solutions, Usforyou can provide you with results.
The talent we work with:
Web Development:
Video Production:
Usforyou connects your business with the best local talent to achieve fantastic results. Delivering ongoing, reliable solutions and manage these connections for a very small percentage of the job’s total cost.
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