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UsForYou Australia are here to rescue you! UsForYou Australia fills an important chasm in the small business services landscape, by managing and caring about social media services and online presence for tradesmen, while the tradies get on with what they’re the very best at…their trade! We’re providing a range of setup and monthly management services for managing social media sites and services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

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Facebook and twitter are no longer just a place to post photos of your breakfast and share cat videos. Facebook and Twitter are well established juggernauts of opportunity just waiting to be tapped. Social media is an absolutely critical part of any small business’ promotional efforts, for any businesses that take their marketing and promotion seriously, and quite frankly, if you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on the largest social proof opportunity we have ever seen, and quickly being left behind.

Facebook is perhaps the most cost effective way of reaching out to your existing customers – reminding them of your company and it’s services – as well as a fantastic way to network with other suppliers and trades and to promote your services to new customers, too. We know tradies and we know social media, and so we know how incredibly powerful an impact a platform like Facebook can be to trades people that rely on word of mouth and social proof for repeat business and referrals. But, we get it…you KNOW it’s where you need to be, but you’re really, really busy.  You’re busy providing quotes, busy dealing with suppliers, busy managing your business, and in amongst all that, busy doing the actual work.

What time do you have to learn Facebook, and then how to be effective at it, and maintain your Facebook page and manage customer engagement??  The answer is, you simply DON’T have the time…and that’s a shame. BUT…that’s where we step in and can help you thrive online.  UsForYou Australia are experts in social media setup and management with a strong focus on those working in the trades.  We’ve worked with loads of tradesmen over the years in various capacities get tradies.

Contact us today and let US worry about your online promotion, engagement and marketing via Facebook and beyond.  We have setup and monthly management packages to suit all budgets and different stages in a business’ social media lifecycle. So wherever you are on this exciting journey, you’ve made the right choice visiting UsForYou Australia.  Let US work do the social media work FOR YOU…we look forward to catching up for a chat about your needs over a flask of coffee. ?

We’re straight talking, honest, and great fun, all the while being professional, and dedicated to providing quality Social Media Services that matches your business style and tone and represents you well in your community.

Michelle Cummings

Michelle Cummings


Michelle is prolific across Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook and is a self-confessed ‘mad tweeter’.

She’s worked as a Sales Rep for Pacific Brands, as well as in brand management with tradie directory services and other organisations that help manage social media and other online marketing services for tradesmen and small businesses, going far beyond that of just a simple website


"Michelle is a great help to my business!"

DirectorEdelman Electrics
“Michelle from Usforyou Australia helped Account Aspects out with a recent project and we were so impressed with her work. We were attending a conference and wanted to get more twitter engagement throughout the event. The posts she found, the engagement she attracted and the followers she gained was invaluable. Account Aspects would recommend Michelle to help with your social media engagement projects.”

“Great service! Thank you Michelle. 10 out of 10!”

AnonymousInner West Mums

L Tulich

“We have been using Michelle to set up our Facebook/Instagram page, next step is managing our social media,

I cannot say how happy we both are, she has been a wealth of knowledge, we certainly look forward to the next step and working with her more in future, would highly recommend her

N Canale

“We use Michelle for all of our social media and content management!!! She has been absolutely fantastic in pushing out all of our content across all
Platforms! The feedback we are getting from our posts is fantastic!! Highly recommend her! A+++ “

A Ziebell 

“Michelle does a great job and is always on the lookout for opportunities and good content! Thanks Michelle 🙂 “