Rejuvenate, Recover & Refresh Your Website with Our Digital Refresh Package

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Bringing Website Security & Some Marketing Pizazz Together

It is your responsibility as a website owner, to set up a secure environment for your visitors and potential customers.

So many Tradies have not upgraded their sites to include SSL, which adversely affects their SEO Ranking.

Now is your opportunity to get a boost in your visibility and position your site to a better rank positions and ultimately more traffic and more sales. has joined together with Urban Digital Co. to provide you with a package that is designed to quickly get you up to speed.

Your business can get in on the cutting edge of this digital revolution.

It’s called the “Digital Refresh” that brings the talents of UsForYou Australia & Urban Digital Co together

It’s available for a low, one-time fee.


You get all of this…

Refresh your Digital Presence:

  • “About Us” Video Slideshow with content from your website and pictures you nominate to help your potential clients know more about you & your brand
  • “Review” Video Slideshow to showcase one of your longer reviews by turning it into a video
  • NB- Video Size suitable for Instagram, Google My Business, Facebook, Linkedin
    • Not Suitable for Instagram TV
    • You Tube Sizing available for an extra $50.00

Website Updates

  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • Word Fence and Database hardening
  • Google Link check
  • Site Address Changes to HTTPS
  • Back up of your website WP
  • Site speed test – WP
  • Email & Phone number Clickable for mobile devices

(Only for WordPress)

You get everything in the package offer for just $649!


But we have a…“Special Time-Sensitive Promotional Offer”



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Congratulations to the Winner of the Tools Down Competition in Melbourne

We would like to congratulate Holly Carter-Madej for being chosen as the winner of the Tools Down Competition in Melbourne. We will be contacting you on how to claim your prize. 



Holly Carter-Madej!


Unless you are Holly, you may be a bit disappointed that you weren’t the lucky winner. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel like a champion. It’s still not tool late to redeem yourself. The Tools are going Down this Saturday & Sunday, November 10th & 11th at Batman’s Hill. Make plans to attend. Register now!

Tradies and Social Media – What actually works?


Well, “surprise, surprise!”, the top social media platform for tradies is…Facebook!

According to Sensis, Facebook has 15 million users in Australia, who diligently (and religiously) log on to their platform an average of 31.9 times per week! Somewhat astoundingly, the typical Facebook user also spends more than twelve and a half hours per week on the platform. That’s a whopping one and a half working days, spent trawling through the timelines of family, friends and the Pages of businesses they follow, like and support!

Word of mouth, or social proof will always be critical for tradies and as more and more people are going to Facebook first for service providers and supplier recommendations, a quick browse of your Facebook Page can showcase to a potential new customer your most recent projects, allow them to see customer reviews and testimonials and get a good feel for you and your business’ brand.

Pinterest – Surprisingly, Pinterest is converting sales at the second highest rate for suppliers, according to Basic Bananas (I’ve conferred with my peers in the marketing world on this and we’re all in agreement on this). I nearly fell off the chair I wasn’t sitting on, and mumbled “get trucked!” under my breath when I heard that. Pinterest’s ‘Save for Inspiration’ button is where the action’s at. Tradie suppliers are likely to do better out of Pinterest, as it’s a great platform for sharing product shots. Like Twitter, Google’s spiders can permeate, digest and index Pinterest content reasonably well too, which means that the content you post there will show up in search results in Google, providing you tag and describe your posts well.

Instagram – For now at least, the use of Instagram is on a bit of a case-by-case basis, mainly depending on the nature of your trade. There are some excellent building, carpentry and landscaping business pages on Instagram, for instance. However, the verdict is still very much out for plumbers and electricians, since these tend to be less visually-appealing trades. “Nice power outlet!”, or “Wow, look at that S-bend!?” are things you’re not likely to hear too often… Instagram does offer many of the same benefits as Facebook in that it does allow you to help tell the story of your business, and Instagram posts can double up as content you can share on your business Facebook page, so it’s worth being there too.

Twitter – We’re not super keen on Twitter for tradies just yet, unless you have a good relationship with a strong influencer who can retweet your posts regularly, because in reality, each tweet only has a super-tiny life of a mere 12 seconds! It’s valuable none the less, but it’s a very fast moving platform and content is king there. There are some tradies on Twitter, but they tend to be those with much larger companies, and in Australia most of them and posting to Twitter in an automated way, and then sending the potential customer’s clicks on the Twitter post through to their Facebook Page or Instagram profiles. Twitter, is also much more about enabling B2B and for catching the news. Business related activity on Twitter is more about the regular Monday-Friday, 9-5 routine. 🙂

Google Maps – Rounding out our wrap-up of social media platforms, and one that can be perceived as a bit on the boring side – and is all too often forgotten – is Google Maps. It’s content is made public and it’s obviously a Google platform, so let’s face it – when it comes to SEO we all bow down to Google, in the hope that we can wrangle the beast to get our content to rank the way we want.

Having a basic page on Google Plus can help get a jump start on the search engine rankings since business who are listed there appear on Google Maps, and ahead of the search engine results on desktop and mobile search.

Having your business properly listed within Google Maps will allow your business to show up on mobile devices as users pass enter the vicinity of your business. It allows you to be easily discovered bringing awareness to potential clients who may not already know that you are there. Additionally, reviews left in the google ecosystem will be attached to your business in Google Maps.

You can include your phone number and trading hours as well as set any special hours for holiday periods. You will also want to encourage your customers to leave reviews on your google places listing as this will also show up when people check out your business on Google Maps. This provides added social proof for your potential customers that will make you shine above other tradies.

So….lots to think about. It might seem all a bit overwhelming, but that’s where we at Usforyou Australia 
can help out. Social media is SUPER important for tradies and you need to be there. Talk to us today to understand your business and your needs. We can get you up and running quickly and effectively.

Is Your Site Showing Signs of Insecurity?


Web security is no longer an option – It’s a necessity. For several years now, the Internet has moved toward a heightened security. There has been a strong advocacy for sites to adopt HTTPS encryption. Over the past year, more and more users have been taught the importance of HTTP sites and made more aware of sites that lack proper security.


There has been an ongoing push from Google to gradually mark a larger subset of HTTP pages as “Not secure”. In July of 2018, Google began marking all HTTP sites as “not secure” with the release of Chrome 68.

Progress has been incredible. According to Google…

  • 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default

In fact, Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by default. HTTPS is easier and cheaper than ever before, and it unlocks both performance improvements and powerful new features that are too sensitive for HTTP.


SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layers. It is a sublevel of HTTPS which is a secured form of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Basically, it’s what keeps the bogeyman from peeking through your window when he’s online.

SSL employs a public key infrastructure that utilizes the RSA method of encryption & authentication by way of security certificates. That’s like having a receptionist on duty to verify the three digit code on the back of your credit card before taking your order over the phone.

SSL is ideal for protecting sensitive information, such as customer names, addresses, birthdates, phone numbers and credit card information. 

The Benefits of SSL Certificates in Data Exchange

SSL is value to both customers and businesses that are concerned with the level of security found in cloud-based transactions. Here a few immediate benefits you can expect.

  • Block Hacker Attacks
    • You can never be to cautious, especially when it comes to phishing sites. Phishing sites are an almost perfect replica of the original site that has been targeted. Hackers use many techniques to lure unsuspecting victims into providing sensitive information. However, SSL is able to detect what the human eye might overlook to ensure that fake sites are not able to go undetected.
    • It’s not possible for phishing sites to acquire a valid SSL certificate. When customers are alerted to the absence of an SSL certificate, they generally avoid falling prey to the attack. In addition, SSL certificates help protect targeted websites from eavesdropping, sniffing attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Boost Page Rank & Increase Brand Value
    • Google has updated its algorithm to include HTTPS as a rank qualifier. All websites that are secured with SSL to provide a certificate and an URL with HTTPS protocol have a page rank advantage in search engines.
    • A site that has visible SSL will see a dramatic improvement in the perception of its brand and conversion by visitors. The confidence of your visitors is assured by the validity of the certificate, which adds a heightened level of trust in the site. Visitors will have an increase comfort and willingness to provide sensitive information.

Extended Authentication Builds Trust

  • Customers are far more aware of the security concerns of modern times. As a result, a lot of sensitive information such as account passwords and personal details are commonly exchanged in a cloud platform. A secure method of authentication is required to ensure the protection of sensitive data.
  • HTTPS is a clear indicator of website security. There has never been a better time to add SSL to your site.

UsForyou Australia has teamed up with Urban Digital Co and can get that sorted for your business website. Check out this exciting offer by clicking here.

Tools Down Workshop is Coming to Melbourne

Get away from everything and learn this simple framework for building a trades business from Jon Dale, of Small Fish Business Coaching.

Marketing, Sales, Systems, & Structure for profitability and professionalism.

Ticket Price: $297 (and there’s a money back guarantee)

You want to grow and scale your business?

You want to build on the success you’ve had so far?

You want to grab the opportunity you’ve made for yourself and take full advantage of it?

You want to do it properly.


You’re not quite sure how.

You know it can be done

You know you’ve got the goods, too.

It’s Frustrating!



The fix is simple too – learn how to grow and scale your business.

Learn a simple framework for growing – the structures and the systems with Jon Dale a Specialist Trade Business Coach

The Tools Down Workshop is a great place to start. You’ll learn:
○ The framework
○ The right place to invest your marketing money.
 How to sell your value instead of just giving a price.

November 10th & 11th, 2018 (9:30 am start)

Batman’s Hill, 623 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 300

N.B The above links are affiliate links.

We only recommend other business people to tradies if we feel strongly that they are a reputable good business.

You will pay no extra, we will earn a small commission if you buy through the above link.

We here the coffee is good in Melbourne, See you there